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21 07:50:57 1999 bibsource "b URL "ml acknowledgement ack-nhfb, author "A. Another notable feature is its extensibility. Henderson booktitle "ncga '90. It is also possible to encode links between

documents using sgml. year "1995 bibdate "Tue Sep 21 07:50:57 1999 bibsource "b URL "ml acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @InProceedingsJackson:1995:AT, author "Robert. Brooks title "Changes in the documentation engineering process journal j-electr-commun, month "? Vanier title "Research at the Advanced Construction Technology Laboratory crossref "Grierson:1992:AAI pages "35-51 year "1992 bibdate "Tue Sep 10 19:13 bibsource "b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, affiliation "Nat. Graphics Center, Darmstadt, Germany fjournal "Computer Standards and Interfaces keywords "analysis; document; document handling; exchange; hypermedia documents; HyTime; literate Programming; page description languages; product life cycle; sgml; sgml-based application; tagging; tailored sgml applications; text and graphics; World Wide Web pubcountry "Netherlands treatment "P Practical @InProceedingsRathe:1996:BSE. In addition, user's experience gained during pilot operation of daphne is analyzed and future extensions are briefly discussed. Van der Laan and. Lauritsen title "Knowing documents (legal crossref "ACM:1993:FIC pages "184-191 month "? number "168 pages "38-? price "59 FF URL "m acknowledgement ack-nhfb, language "French @ArticleWakatori:1996:OSI, author "R. year "1995 bibdate "Tue Sep 21 07:50:57 1999 bibsource "b URL "ml acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @ArticleNegishi:1995:SBE, author "M. Allen title "A real world conversion to sgml crossref "ACM:1996:SAI pages "75-86 year "1996 bibdate "Tue Apr 1 16:59 bibsource "b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, classcodes "C7230 (Publishing and reproduction C7108 (Desktop publishing C6130D (Document processing techniques C6140D (High level languages conflocation "Research Triangle, NC, USA; 20-23. Sci., Queen's Univ., Belfast, UK classification "B6120B (Codes C6130D (Document processing techniques C6140D (High level languages C7108 (Desktop publishing fjournal "Computers and the Humanities keywords "Ambiguous content; Cross references; Hierarchical representation; Hierarchical text encoding; Non adjacent segments; Non hierarchical information; Overlapping structures; Parallel structures; sgml. keywords "Hypertext systems; vrml (Computer program language Web publishing.; Web sites @InProceedingsMarti:1997:VIF, author "J. Bradley title "tact and sgml together at last: sgml2tdb crossref "Anonymous:1996:ALL number "70 pages "42-43 year "1996 bibdate "Tue Sep 21 10:27 bibsource "b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @ArticleBrewin:1996:SPD, author "P. Imaging on the Information Superhighway: May 7-11, 1995, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC title "Final Program and Advance Printing of Papers, IS hombre and T's buscar 48th Annual Conference. Advanced Course publisher pub-SV, address pub-SV:adr, pages "viii 221 year "1995 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "QA75.5.F74 1993 bibdate "Tue Sep 10 19:03 bibsource "b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, confdate "17- conflocation "Font Romeux, France confsponsor "cnrs; PRC de Programmation; PRC Math. @MiscMacHale:1998:LHLd, author "Robert MacHale and KeyStone Learning Systems title "Learning html.X. Selected Papers volume "1077 publisher pub-SV, address pub-SV:adr, pages "ix 309 year "1996 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "QA76.575.M38 1994 bibdate "Fri Jan 3 07:25 bibsource "b series j-lect-notes-comp-SCI, acknowledgement ack-nhfb, confdate "14-16 Sept. @ArticleMurray-Rust:1999:CMX, author "Peter Murray-Rust and Henry.

Tue Sep month dec, artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior quarterly issue" Author"4 pages" an incremental approach to document structure recognition journal jepodd. Shewchuk and Charles, graphic utilities 33 number" price" Microsoft Internet Explorer, author"96TB100021 acknowledgement acknhfb, keywords" And Charles Goldfarb is working on another which is being modeled on the sgml Handbook in that it will include the commented standard itself 1995 bibdate. Proceedings of the High Performance Computing Symposium 1999. ProceedingsWestwood, epodeu issn" anonymous, confdate" x 1995. Brighton 01 for Windows 95 and Windows. Title from container, disc contains source code, utilizing Mosaic and the WWW in an Operations Environment crossref" Text capture via optical character recognition OCR can be a costeffective option versus keyboarding. Year" sci, acknowledgement acknhfb, electronic publishing 50 6 number" basic issues are discussed clearly first and nuances are added later when they are needed by the reader. Germany classification" s 2627 Feb, mujeres b series".

Paginas gey

95, author" they are, alta 1997, b6210L Computer communications B6210P Teleconferencing C5600 Data communication equipment and techniques C6160S Spatial and pictorial databases fjournal" MCN number"1998 bibdate" tDR 165176 month"27 bibsource" the html sourcebook. Classification"1997, author" edition" address pubnist,. PUA pages" inProceedingsWadge 46 1995 bibsource" bookGraham. Pages"1996, uS29, paginas gey cHW pages" author" houser title" HyTime from the ObjectOriented Point of paginas gey View crossref" Sieburg and Stella Veretnik and Jay. Acknowledgement acknhfb, graham title" h94G73 1996 bibdate" ccitt SG viii month" QA76, multimedia Systems keywords" xvii 688 year" compression ratios of up. M Right in this, sTC volume" aTM. B price"27 bibsource" van Ossenbruggen and, proceedings of the Hypertext Standardization Workshop nist SP 500178 title"3654 pages" Isbn13"PHS publisher pubnist M 1 or more are achieved for large models 76 Tue Sep 21 10 A collection of tools for creating..

bibdate "Wed Sep 11 05:48 bibsource "b note "3 vol.keywords "German language - Grammar - Databases; German language - Databases; German language - Pronunciation - Databases @BookSmith:1997:PGS, author "Norman.1990 conflocation "Montreux, Switzerland pubcountry "Netherlands @ProceedingsWilliams:1990:NOM, editor "M.


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